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I have thought about my words for 2014 for days now wondering if those were indeed the right words for me. I mean, really, me eating healthy? Exercising? Its cold here this time of year, not to mention with money always being tight, eating healthy doesn’t seem to work well with the old budget. Finding foods where you actually know the ingredients is really difficult.

I read the story of Jairus. Mark 5:21-24, 35-43. He is a ruler of a synagogue Jesus earnestly, who goes to Jesus asking him to heal his daughter who is close to death.  When they arrive at the house, the people are mourning for the girl has died. Jesus says “Do not fear, only believe.”  I am struck by two things in this story. First Jairus goes to Jesus, and says “Come and lay your hands on her so that she may be made well and alive.” No doubt, no question, no bartering, just simple faith. The second thing that stuck out – Jesus saying “Do not fear, only believe.”

So that leaves me here, with Just Believe. Do not question, do not doubt, and do not fear. Simply believe in the power of Jesus. Have faith in the power of Jesus. So now as I continue to retrain my mind, clean out the trash (stop listening to the voice I cant do this), I know that the power I need comes not from my own ability, but from Jesus.