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I am plugging along with the whole reading the bible in a year….47 days straight now. Some verses here, and some chapters there that are tough (the whole lineage). Some stories, and people that I thought I”knew” yet I learned a bit more. One thing that has been steady on my mind as I go through the daily readings, good and bad just happen. They can come from our choices, the devil or just life. Yet whatever the reason, God will use that!

We all complain about life and how hard it is and how unfair. We want the storm to fly over us leaving us unscathed. Yet, though God does not cause the storm, God will use that storm to mold us into the person He wants us to be. The storm could come from the wrong choices made, or it could come simply for no reason! Joseph did nothing, but his brothers sold him. Job was a Godly man, but the devil took everything he had.

In a nut shell, life sometimes just sucks, its difficult, its painful, and at times just doesnt make sense. Yet its beautiful, its easy, its painless, and surprising. Instead of complaining about what sucked in your past, or what isnt right in your present, how about asking God what He wants you to learn and what you need to change. It may not be the answer you want, nor will it be the easy path, but in the end will be the best path.