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I got a little side tracked with my eating, and just ate, not a lot, but I was once again justifying what I was eating. I mean most of the foods I have eaten have been unprocessed foods, and somewhere I heard that voice “Its not processed, its ok! You KNOW all the ingredients)….Still not an excuse.Last week I was down 10 lbs and this week I gained 2 of them back. Though I am EXTREMELY grateful that I am not “hovering” in the 160’s anymore, I would much prefer “hovering” in the 140’s….

We did lose an uncle that my SO(significant other) was close to (like a dad). Yes it would that I just ate, and honestly I really just didnt think too much about it. Then the mindset begins to set in that you will restart “tomorrow”… Well then Valentines day showed up, and I just ate more…more candy… ugh! I tried to do an impromptu fast, just to kind of set me straight, but I lost that game as the candy called my name! I do believe it actually caught up to me…the belly ache from eating candy was ridiculous! (Lesson learn, I can only hope!!)