I have never been one of those that thought more than a few moments about food. I like it….I eat it. Calories, processed, high this or high that, it never mattered…I just ate it. Much like smoking cigarettes, it was second nature…a habit on auto pilot.

This whole detox, cleanse, and eat better has me thinking about foods that I eat. With that awareness, also come the worry, the fear that this too may become an addiction if left unchecked. Of course an addiction to eating healthy, natural, unprocessed foods isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However with my addictive nature it may come close to being an idol…

I have changed my breakfast food. It was a matter of taking that leap where I had been hovering and balancing for so long. Honestly, my breakfast cost me less. Yes I was the one spending $2 on one little thing of yogurt (almond milk or coconut milk), feeling I was doing fine. Honestly looking over the ingredients I didnt have a clue on quite a bit of them. But yogurt is good, it’s sweet and an easy breakfast! So I am trying a cereal & an oatmeal. Each ingredient I read I can say and I know! Ok so maybe some of you are like, “ok, processed, easy foods…whats the biggie. Its still good for me.” Look at the ingredients of those frozen french fries that are made from potatoes….lots of ingredients compared to cutting up a potato, adding your own seasoning and baking.

Learning to change what you eat and the way you eat takes time, and patience, persistence. Its not easy and honestly just wanting to give up stays on your mind. Is it worth it?!?!?!? I believe it is…