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Once again I have allowed myself to become unfocused which has only lead to feeling unorganized and overwhelmed. In a nutshell I feel way to busy and simply frustrated. Not sure when it started creeping up on me, but at some point in the past few week I became unfocused and essentially unmotivated.

I’m still so unorganized. Yes despite my words of the year being detox and cleanse, unfocused and unorganized seem to be in the forefront winning the race. Oh how easy it is to become side tracked, and feel as if one is not capable…I tell you, I am my own worst enemy and this is where a weed can take root if I am not careful to recognize it.

Being too busy and unfocused has also allowed my good eating habits fall to the waste side. Yes it would seem that I have failed and my 40 day fast from desserts. I have failed to limit processed foods. I have eaten dairy…I have failed…So with fatigue, irritation and joints aching I went for a walk. Its a new day…I can start fresh again.

So instead of focusing on that negative voice in the back of my mind, its time to stop, breath, eat right and make my to-do list. It seems so simple, yet when one is in a state of feeling overwhelmed it seems a bit much. Where to start, what to write down and what foods will I stay away from…

Only by His Grace, His Strength and His wisdom…