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Today I begin again to regain control and eat healthy. For years my weight has fluctuated. Lately, I have allowed food to take over, and gain weight again. This path that I am treading is taking me dangerously close to my all time high weight… All for the love of food….

A few years ago, after I had quit smoking & received a full set of dentures, my love affair with food began. This love affair has turned into an addiction. Most people eat when hungry and stop when full. I however tend to eat just to eat and continue to eat once I am full. This only leads to a full belly misery.

Last Monday (exactly a week ago) went on my walk and a couple things came to mind.

  • 1) Food is probably an idol for me. I am so wrapped up in what I eat, what I want to eat, what I don’t need to eat, when to eat, on and on. It is something that is coming in-between God & I.
    2) Each and every time I eat more than a serving size or I continue to eat once I am full or I eat just to eat (emotional) its gluttony. Definition of Gluttony: “an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires” Thats me!
    3) Self-control – this has been weighing on my mind since the sermon on 3/29/15. I am allowing food/eating to control me…not vise versa.
    4) I will admit I want to lose weight to look good, feel good, look good in cloths. I know my SO loves me the way I am. HOWEVER I need to put God first and realize that God loves me as I am. There are sins that I need to acknowledge before I can actually be successful.

Just my thoughts on my walk…