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So its that time to set my one word of the year. Interestingly, I didn’t pick out a word for 2015. By looking back, hindsight, my word should have been control. Not the let me gain/regain control, nope, it was the you need to let go of the control you think you have and give it right back to God. My steps, many thoughts, many prayers, that were based on realizing I cannot control people and I cannot control the past.

So here we are this year. It seems this year I am being pushed to declutter, reorganized, become organized and spend much, much less. Let me tell you that entails my house, my email, my money, my little bookkeeping business.

So my words of the year; declutter & reorganize. Honestly – this one I have no doubt is going to be difficult. I am so bad with money and yet interestingly very good with budgeting others money…little bit of faith and hope there knowing it IS POSSIBLE!