I have made a year logging virtually everything I have eaten, with a few days of just recording minimal. So what has this formally 170-180 woman learned? There is simply no quick fix, no magic pill, no diet, no cleansing, no exercise that can EVER take the place of eating the right portion sizes and then knowing you’ve eaten your limit.

For me realizing/seeing portion size on everything I would eat/drink has been the game changer, the switch in my brain that so needed to flip. I have no doubt I was or was at least walking that fine line of being a food addict. I could eat and eat just because I wanted to, not because I need to. (this is still a battle at times for me) Now when I look at my food intake for the day, how much calories I had devoured, I pause questioning, am I really hungry and do I really need this.

I have also learned that less processed foods is WAY WAY better. Now we are on a tight budget, but with thinking, calculating, planing, I have realized it is so doable – and frankly the food is so much better and tastier. Honestly, I am not a cook and really am not a fan of cooking, but I am learning to like making homemade foods with natural ingredients.

So in my eating right journey, I continue to stay away from the scale. The only times I have been weighed has been at the doctors office. If I am eating healthy (for most part), and my cloths are still fitting (yup still in a size 10), honestly it doesn’t matter what I weigh. I still would like to be about 20 lbs lighter and down one more size, however, for the first time in my life I am truly fine with my own body. I have carried 4 babies (3 of which were born via c-section), and I have nursed all 4 kids. This is huge for me, me the insecure one. Me the one that noticed all flaws, me that listened to demons in my past.

There will always be days where I will eat more than I should and days where my choices are not so good. There will also be those days where I just “feel fat” but each day I maintain, each challenge I over come, the enemy loses!