31 Days Writing Challenge 2013

30 Attributes of God

I have seen a few bloggers that I following talking about the 31 day writing challenge over at www.thenester.com . It actually started September 30, 2013 and one is supposed to blog every day for 31 day. So I figured I would give it a try with 30 days of the Attributes of God. Since we have been going through a rough patch financially, and there have been some spirit battles, some doubts, what better way to learn more about God and draw closer to Him.

Day 1

Day 2 Immanuel

Day 3 Christ the Lord

Day 4 Faithful Witness

Day 5 Hope

Day 6 Holy

Day 7 Shepherd

Day 8 Advocate

Day 9 Prince of Peace

Day 10 Gift of God

King of Kings



My Beloved Son

The Way, Truth, and Life

Lamb of God

Good Shepherd

Bread of Life


Alpha & Omega




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