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So I have this pretty planner that I bought back in December 2015. Just had to have it because it was going to get me organized and together. Yeah, here we are starting June, and the planner is sitting in my bag still unused…but I believe its time.

Its time for me to thing about, write down and try to carry out goals, budget money better, spend my money a bit wiser, to plan out my meals (well dinners). Its also time to be simply a better steward of my time and money.

Its also about time for me to make my way back to blogger. It has been a great outlet for the introverted person like myself.

So this planner will allow me to write down:

  • Thinks I want to accomplish
  • Home imporvments I want to make
  • People to connect with
  • Must do’s

I will also be able to write down my monthly budget along with a section to record my expenses. This one will be the challenge, since I am bad with money(well my own anyway)! I have a weekly plan view, which could essentially give me a week view of work, must do’s, and meals at a glance. Which I actually like this idea! Being able to see my week at a glance and meals.

So not sure how this will go. The planner is so pretty and I just dont want to mess it up! But I also wonder if fear is there, fear of failing, fear of not meeting my “goals”, and honestly, probably getting a much better look at myself, the good and the bad.

Yet here I go, June 1st….